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Types of Aluminium Foil

2024-02-27 17:58:30

All of us have seen that aluminium foil roll in our house but did you know what other numerous purposes it serves? It’s not just something that is used to wrap food. Nowadays, aluminium foil can come in handy to solve many problems that arise at your home on a day to day basis.

It can be used directly in the microwave to heat food. It can be converted into an aluminium foil container to store food or it can be converted into a disposable food container or disposable cutlery if you are planning a picnic.
3.jpgThere are many types of aluminium foils which are available to solve all of these problems. One of the best properties of aluminium foil is that it is recyclable and hence it is an all-purpose product in the kitchen. Around 75% of the aluminium foil produced goes into packaging of food and chemical products and the rest is used for industry use. Apart from these uses, the aluminium foil is used for scrubbing, sharpening objects and polishing surfaces. It can also be molded into aluminium foil containers of any shape as the desired bakeware. Check out how aluminium foil comes in handy to make your life easier.

Natural Foil is produced from high quality rolled ingots and Caster coils. It is produced with sophisticated equipment and with strict quality controls that ensure a range of world class rolled products, extrusions and aluminum products.

         aluminum foil for food container            aluminum foil for food container            3003 Aluminum Foil            3003 Aluminum Foil            8011 Aluminium Foil            8011 Aluminium Foil            Household Aluminium Foil            Household Aluminium Foil            Double Zero Aluminum Foil            Double Zero Aluminum Foil            Aluminium Foil For Air Conditioner            Aluminium Foil For Air Conditioner            Food Grade Aluminium Foil            Food Grade Aluminium Foil            Natural Foil            Natural Foil            aluminium foil for packaging        

Foil food packaging

The foil food packaging is widely used such as beverage bags, food packaging bags and aluminum foil container. The food foil price usually depends on alloy grades, specifications, technical requirements and dosage. The commonly used alloys and tempers are 8011/H22, 8011/H24, 8011/O and 3003/H24 aluminum foil. Generally, the 3xxx aluminum foil price is higher than that of 8xxx aluminum foil.

Cigarette aluminum foil

The two main functions of cigarette aluminum foil are moisture-proof and good fragrance retention performance. In addition, aluminum foil for cigarette packaging is of strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance.The common alloys of cigarette foil are 1235-O and 8079-O aluminum foils, which are used for cigarette packaging after being lined with paper, printed or painted.

Household aluminum foil

Household aluminum foil is widely used in cooking, freezing, preservation, baking and other industries. The disposable aluminum foil paper is convenient to use, safe, hygienic, has no peculiar smell and does not leak. The common alloys of household aluminum foil are 1235, 3003 and 8011 aluminum foil.

Aircon aluminum foil

The aircon aluminum foil is used to make fins for air conditioner heat exchangers. At present, the common aluminum foils are 3102 and 8011 aluminum foil. The tempers are H22/H24/H26. The thickness is 0.08-0.2mm. There are certain differences in the strength and plasticity of each temper. The specific choice depends on the actual need.

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