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How to packing aluminum circle

2019-08-28 16:54:54

How to packing aluminum circle

What cautions should people follow in packing aluminum circle/discs?

First, tic-tac-toe frame is usually chosen for aluminum circle packaging. The frame consists of four wooden bars, two fixed above and the other two below. The upper bars must be made into arches and fixed by bolts. The height of lower bars must meet requirements for forklift. These bars are also fastened with bolts, which should be below the upper arches so that packed circles will not be damaged. 

Second, it’s necessary to wrap aluminum circles with a layer of cloth with medium property or weak acid before putting packaging sheet into the cloth. Connecting parts must be fixed with packaging tapes. Both the top and bottom side of packed circles should be covered by soft pads to protect them from scratches. 

Third, wrap stacks of circles and drying agents with plastic cloth which should be sealed with packaging tapes. Then another layer of water-proof cardboard is applied to cover the plastic cloth. All possible gaps must be sealed. 

Fourth, put packed aluminum circles into the tic-tac-toe frame which is to be fastened again by steel ropes. Then stick a box label onto each stack. The label should display weight load, packaging cost, delivery methods, unpacking ways and other necessary cautions.

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