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How to make Aluminium Checkered Plate, Diamond Plate treadplate

2020-05-29 16:13:39

Common Uses of Diamond plates

You will most often see diamond plate used in safety applications as the diamond pattern creates an excellent tread which can help reduce slips and falls. It is generally a good safety practice to use diamond plate any time people will be frequently walking over a slick metal surface.

Stairs and Walkways: Diamond plate is commonly used on stairs or ramps in industrial areas, which helps to reduce the chance of slipping on the metal. Outdoor fire exits in particular rely on diamond plate to enhance traction when the steps become slick from rain or snow.

Vehicles and Trailers: Most people with a pick-up truck can attest to how often they are stepping in and out of the bed of the truck. For this reason, diamond plate is often used as an accent on bumpers, truck beds or trailers to help reduce skids when stepping onto a vehicle, while also provide traction for pulling or pushing material on and off of a truck.

Aesthetic Accents: Aluminum, stainless steel and hot rolled steel diamond plate each have a very unique appearance and finish which can be used as an accent for architectural elements or furniture. Diamond plate can be found as runners on stairs, backslashes, table tops and more.

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