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aluminium slugs

The production of Aluminum slugs starts with loading furnaces with raw Aluminum in the form of Aluminum ingot, followed by a hot/cold rolling process, stamping, annealing, surface finish, and selection and packaging. Aluminum slugs are eco-friendly and recyclable and thus, successfully securing a key position in various industries like packaging, where they are impact extruded to make extruded aerosol cans, automotive cans, aluminium collapsible tubes and more. Healthcare, paint, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and many other industries, at the same time, are also looking at an increasing use of Aluminum slugs owing to rust resistance property and lighter weight that further give an advantage over other types of metal slugs and extended the scope for the global market, including Europe.

haomei aluminium has a long-standing tradition in the manufacturing of all types of stamped and sawn slugs from pure aluminium and aluminium alloys. aluminium Slugs are made in various dimensions and shapes which are then used in manufacturing tubes, cans and technical parts in the automotive, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electrical industry.

Products description

MaterialAluminium Slugs with or without holes
Purity99.70% minimum
Grain SizesGrain 5
Hardness16 to 19 HB
Thickness3.00 mm. to 10.00 mm
DiametersWe can supply aluminium slugs of 99.7% Al purity from our aluminium
rolling mill. Slugs from Diameter 20 mm to 116 mm can be supplied.
The following are the different diameters that can be readily supplied.  
20mm, 25 mm, 27mm, 40mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 54 mm, 63.5 mm, 74 mm,
75 mm, 85 mm, 89 mm, 90 mm and, 116 mm. Slugs to customer's
specifications can also be supplied.
TolerancesAccording to norms DIN 59604
International StandardsDIN 59604, 1721, ASTM E 112, MIL STD 105 D, EN 570
ShapeFlat, Concave, Preform
WeightSlugs weight (grs.) is determined by the nominal dimensions of the
diameters (mm), thickness (mm) and aluminum density.
PackingCorrugated cardboard boxes (25 kg. each), on wooden pallets.
FinishTumble Rolled or Shot Blasted

Chemical Composition (% maximum allowed by element)

>% Si
>% Fe
>% Cu
>% Zn
>% Mg
>% Mn
>% Ti
>% Other

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