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Aluminum Sheet for Automotive

2021-01-14 10:00:53

Automotive aluminum sheet is given priority to with 5 and 6 is more, the customer purchasing aluminum sheet used in the manufacture. For example, the car door, car fender, automobile wheel hub, bicycle frame, battery soft connection, trunk lid, automobile heat insulation cover, car fixture, fixture, the anticollision beam and car cover and hood, etc. Here, specific product specifications can be customized according to the needs of users,

Haomei Aluminium supplies a variety of lightweight aluminum alloy sheets equipped with the strength, formability, corrosion resistance and surface quality demanded for automobile panels.


6000 Series Alloys
Alloy sheet for body panels features excellent formability and displays high strength after coat-baking.
High BH type alloys are recommended where dent resistance is regarded as critical.
High formability type alloys are recommended where the formability is regarded as critical.

The hub of the car wheel is the place where the axle is installed in the center of the wheel, which is often referred to as the wheel ring. Wheel hub is easy to be stained with dirt, if not clean for a long time, may be corroded and deformed, resulting in safety hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to use the 6061 aluminum sheet with high corrosion resistance and hardness to make the automobile wheel hub. The 6061 aluminum sheet is an Al-Mg-Si alloy with higher hardness and corrosion resistance than the 5 series alloy. The wheel hub made of it has good roundness and high precision. When the wheel hub is in operation, it has good balance and can eliminate general body jolting and steering wheel shaking. Excellent heat dissipation performance, when the car is running at a high speed, the friction between the tire and the ground, will produce a lot of heat, aluminum alloy wheel can make the tire to maintain the appropriate temperature, prolong the service life of the tire, reduce the risk of tire puncture. In addition, the aluminum sheets used for automobile bumper and seat frame are also 6061 aluminum sheets, usually in O, T4, T6, T651 and F temper


5000 Series Alloys
Alloys with high strength and excellent formability equal to that of cold rolled steel.
5045 is an alloy featuring low coat-baking proof stress reduction.

usually using 5182 aluminum sheet and 5083 aluminum sheet. 5 series products are Al-Mg alloy, because of this two aluminum sheets have good corrosion resistance, and good stamping effect, no cracks after stamping. As we all know, Aluminum alloy is silver-white, and easy to color, can be painted into a variety of popular colors, as the main part of the car exposed, simple and beautiful!

Aluminum Sheet for Automotive Field


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