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Wide Range Of Aluminum Alloys Applications

2017-10-10 12:02:39

We often see aluminum alloys such as elevators, kitchen utensils and appliances, transformer coil, amplifier, decorating plate and so on.

Aluminum has a small density, good conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflective properties, aluminum has good corrosion resistance, aluminum and a variety of aluminum alloy has a good ductility, can be a variety of plastic processing, aluminum has a low melting point, good casting performance characteristic.


Aluminum alloys and aluminium checker sheet is widely used in transportation, can reduce energy conservation, as a means of transport and components to enhance the transport of the hardness and quality, reducing their own weight.


Aluminum alloys used in the construction industry, so the appearance of aluminum itself, in the building decoration and timber by the user's welcome, such as made of aluminum doors and windows, decoration plate, pattern aluminum. Cigarette packaging is the largest user of aluminum foil. other candy, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics and other packaging is also a lot of use of aluminum foil.

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