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The Uses Detailed Analysis Of 6061 Aluminium Plate

2017-02-16 17:44:09

6061 aluminium plate with its unique characteristics, so has been applied in many fields, here's what we aim at the characteristic of 6061 aluminum plate for the purpose of the classification.

First: high corrosion resistance:

Our side of the building houses some of the equipment used is 6061 aluminum, such as window frames, lamp covers, ceiling, some of the stable door, using 6061 aluminum we can make these devices use a longer time, easy and convenient installation business, and the quality is very good, they were widely used in the construction industry; there is widely used in the automotive industry. 

 Second: color easy

With the continuous improvement of our quality of life, we began to advocate with euramerican element decorate a style, so our 6061 aluminum plate can meet the needs of people to decorating industry, according to consumer pursuit of different colors to design the corresponding adornment, so 6061 aluminum plate is widely used in decoration industry.

Third: easy weldability

We should know that by welding can put a pile of things scattered into the things around us, such as refrigerators, cars, etc., so just because aluminum checker sheet things easy weldability, it was liked by many industries.

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