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The Price Trend Of Aluminium Checker Sheet In Next Month

2019-06-13 16:29:28

The global economy in addition to the US economic recovery trend is slightly obvious, the EU is still facing economic turmoil, emerging economies still seem powerless. China's economy is in the "three superposition" of the economic growth of the transition period, the slowdown and lower than expected, few major economic stimulus policy throughout the year, aluminium checker sheet endogenous dynamic lack of activity.


In this context, the domestic steel industry has also entered the stage of adjusting the pain, the market price into a way unilateral down the channel and unable to extricate themselves, the whole year is not a wave of decent rebound, the market price constantly refresh the historical low. While the domestic seamless tube market performance is even more than the trend, in addition to a symbolic slightly raised in April 50-100 yuan, the rest of the time in the doldrums in the dive, even the prospect of rising desire is not present. Fortunately, the price of raw materials, iron ore prices fell more than steel prices, production costs decline, to promote the profitability of steel mills have improved.

Aluminium checker sheet manufacturers latest statistics show that in mid-March key enterprises aluminium checker sheet production of 1,819,900 tons, an increase of 3.25 million tons, the chain increased by 1.86%, the market supply and demand more severe. Not only that, the aluminium checker sheet market supply pressure is also slightly increased, the short term is bound to weaken the price advantage.

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