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The Practical Application Of Aluminium Checker Plate

2017-10-02 09:31:31

The aluminium checker plate has become indispensable in decorating materials.Today sort out different types of aluminium checker plate in the practical application in life.Any technology problem or further cooperation please contact me (augusthaomei-aluminium) 

1,anti-skid aluminium plate:villa decoration, non-slip is more important, and five bars of anti-skid aluminum is preferred. Because of this aluminum surface has a unique pattern design structure, not only beautiful, and good anti-skid properties, so that it is widely used in the villa floor and so on.


2. Aluminum alloy plate, also called orange peel embossed aluminum sheet,the plate surface is similar to the pattern like orange peel, has a certain aesthetic effect.

3,aluminum anti-slip plate, also known as lentil pattern plate,five bar aluminum checker plate, this aluminum is a good anti-skid effect, commonly used in the cold storage of the villa, elevator anti-skid in a lot of applications. 

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