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The Important Link Of Aluminium Sheet Manufacturers Processing

2017-07-20 16:46:43

Aluminum products by aluminium sheet manufacturers after aluminum surface treatment of aluminum anodic oxidation technology, greatly improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to light, climate, such as performance, more can with all kinds of beautiful bright colors.Adapt to the request of the era aesthetic feeling, and thus the application value of the aluminum plate is greatly increased.

Decorative aluminum sheet construction profiles is the doors and Windows and curtain wall structure of the main material, is widely used throughout the world.Aluminum alloy extrusion profiles (without surface treatment) single appearance, and easy to corrosion in humid atmosphere, so it is difficult to meet high decorative building materials and strong corrosion resistance.

In order to improve the decorative effect, enhance the corrosion resistance and extend the service life, aluminum plate is typically for surface treatment.Therefore, aluminum anodic oxidation surface treatment is aluminum alloy profile production is a necessary and extremely important processes.Aluminum alloy in - H2SO4 solution generated by anodic oxidation of oxide film, white, transparent, high porosity, chromatic performance is good, especially suitable for the oxidation of aluminum processing.

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