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The Common Surface Treatment Of Aluminium Circle

2017-07-02 14:59:58

Aluminium circle surface treatment is again after molding processing approach, using the lathe processing lines, the overall performance is extremely regular texture feature.

Surface treatment can better improve performance of aluminium circle. 

1, metal plating method: to compare the common and polishing after plating process.

2, oxidation (color) : aluminum surface treatment USES two aspects of oxidation, enhance physical characteristics, can achieve color. 

3, clean lines: there is called wiredrawing, performance similar to car lines, are all form a smooth continuous lines, the difference is that the car lines show the annular grain, clean lines show the straight line of flowers.

4, sandblasting, aluminum surface treatment is used to overcome and the purpose of the aluminum alloy cover in the machining process of some defects and meet customer's special requirements for product appearance.Have glass sand, such as tungsten ore, different feeling, coarse texture, such as frosted glass, fine sand mold can also show the high-end products. 

5, polishing, deburring overcome defects and the effect that make the aluminium sheet circle surface light.

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