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Technical Characteristics Of Aluminum Round Disc Production Line Introduced

2017-07-10 17:20:52

Understand the use of aluminum wafer, can know why aluminum round disc will become more and more popular. 


Aluminum wafer can be a variety of capacitor case, hoses and aluminum casing, aluminum wafer widely used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and auto parts. Appliances, insulation, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and other industries.

Aluminium disk production line technology features: 

1, CNC automatic; 

2, the use of direct wafer production volumes expected

3, using precision servo motor drive control system, utilization of raw materials reached more than one hundred molecules 80; 

4, adopts the modular mould design, reduce the conversion time, it can produce wafer direct range is 85 mm to 750 mm; 

5, USES the advanced open book system, high-performance mechanical press, guarantee the quality of the aluminium discs wafer.

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