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Production Details Of Marine Grade Aluminium Plate

2017-08-31 15:53:04

5083 aluminum plate is widely used in marine grade aluminium plate ,the below the production of it from Aluminum manufacturer. 


Available in different shapes and product form such as angles, bars, seamless pipes, tubes, rods, sheets, plates, extrusions and fittings. Marine grade aluminum is strain hardened and thermal conductive alloy with machinability, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance features. Alloys are used for ship construction, oil and gas platforms, support structures, naval and commercial marine product applications. Custom lengths and anodized or powder coated finishes can be special ordered. Packaging services and same day delivery available for most orders. Meet ASTM standards.

5083 Aluminum Sheet & Plate has exceptional thermal conductivity and higher strength than 5052 . It is highly resistant to attack by seawater and industrial chemicals and is very suitable for welding. 5083 retains exceptional strength after welding and is easily. 

Aluminium plate coil by smelting, ingot, a variety of preparation before rolling, flat roll, heat treatment and finishing processes into a rectangular cross-section of the sheet or coil processing material. 

1, hot-rolled pre-preparation, including ingot quality inspection, soaking, sawing, milling, clad aluminum and heating. The use of high-quality ingot is to ensure the quality of the premise of the finished product. Modern aluminum alloy strip with the production of ingots using semi-continuous casting ingot production. The ingot size, internal dendritic fine.

2, semi-continuous casting cooling rate is very high, the diffusion process in the solid phase is difficult, easy to form ingots and chemical composition within the uneven organization, such as intracrystalline segregation, so that the plastic reduced. Therefore, some of the aluminum alloy, especially the hard aluminum alloy ingot, subject to uniform treatment. 

3, ingot surface segregation floating material, slag, scarring and cracks and other defects, should be milling (see non-ferrous metal alloy ingot billet milling surface), which is to ensure a good surface quality of finished products is an important factor. Milling volume depends on the depth of the defect, usually 4 ~ 10mm. 

4, aluminium plate sheet machine heat treatment ,In addition to hot-rolled state and cold-hard finished products, according to requirements, aluminum alloy strip should be annealed or quenched for a time treatment (see non-ferrous alloy heat treatment).

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