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Polished Aluminum Checker Plate Professional Placed

2017-10-14 18:26:38

Aluminium sheet manufacturers will be production of large quantities of the aluminium checker sheet on the warehouse a one-time , the rapid supply to the customer products; customers to buy the aluminium checker sheet is generally not immediately use, or just use part of it, which involves the aluminium checker sheet storage problems, HAOMEI Aluminum tells you how to store polished aluminum checker plate correctly. 

1, First of all is the decorative aluminium checker sheet storage environment.It should be kept in a constant temperature, dry humidity appropriate indoor environment, to ensure that aluminium checker sheet can't be because of the water and oxidizing discoloration. 

2, Polished aluminum checker plate placed, often overlooked, in fact, this is also very important. In particular, direct users, without wood care, directly to the pattern of aluminum placed on the floor, not knowing that the humidity near the ground than the above space to be large, placed on the floor of the direct consequences, that is, the bottom of the pattern of aluminum will be affected by oxidation And prone to Ge injury, scratches. And pattern between the aluminum plate with a wooden interval, more conducive to ventilation, so that the pattern is not easy to moisture tide aluminum. 

3, The temperature is different around the user to get the pattern of aluminum, do not rush to open the packaging, the first polished aluminum checker plate placed in a well ventilated place for 3 days, so that the aluminum checker plate inside and outside the temperature difference balance, and then open the package to use. This can ensure that the pattern of aluminum will not be too much because of the temperature and water vapor, to ensure that the quality of aluminum plate absolutely qualified.

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