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Maintenance Of 6mm Thick Aluminium Sheet

2017-09-24 15:12:34

Maintenance of 6mm thick aluminium sheet 

1, Rinse with water for 6mm thick aluminium sheetsurface; 

2, Use the water diluted detergent soft cloth gently brush try board face; 

3, with plenty of clean water to rinse the 6mm thick aluminium sheet again, to wash away dirt; 

4, Check the board face, for no wash clean with detergent key; 

5, Board face, wash with water, until the detergent wash it all.


Note: Do not clean the hot surface (temperatures above 40 ° C), because the excessive evaporation of moisture on the aluminium sheet/ plate surface paint harmful! 

Special note is that, please use the appropriate detergent, a basic principle is: be sure to use neutral detergent! Do not use strong alkaline detergents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, strong acid detergents, abrasive detergents, and baking varnishes. 

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