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How To Transport Aluminum Coil Ensure The Quality ?

2017-06-28 13:37:57

The below measures rust aluminum alloy coil appears concave spot defect prevention, can effectively reduce the phenomenon of return, concave spot defects make the appearance of rust-proof aluminum coil is affected, please always check to prevent its emergence.

1. Owing to the friction between the aluminum coil corrosion results the Pit Defect, I will share prevent rust aluminum coil Pit Defect measures for you as following:1). During the transport, the rust-proof aluminum fixed volume necessary to prevent friction caused by movement by car.2). Protector is placed between the aluminum coil, reduce direct contact with rust-proof aluminum volume.3). Select a smooth shipping.2. During transport, if no rain stamped cloth, because of water problems caused aluminum coil for construction by oxidation. Because a lot of logistics or transport drivers think that aluminum volume as the volume is not afraid of the rain, so their common sense is rustproof aluminum . Thus aluminum coil stock packaging must enforce the rain proof packaging strictly, and account the logistics and transport driver must be stamped in the rain and snow rain cloth.

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