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How To Calculate The Plates Aluminium/Aluminum Circles/Aluminum Discs Price ?

2017-08-03 14:47:32

Aluminum sheet manufacturers to tell you the influencing factors of price :

1. Prices of Aluminum Ingots

plates aluminium/aluminum circles is made from aluminum ingots . Thus, the prices of aluminum ingots have a great influence to the price of aluminum sheet. We all know that price of aluminum ingots varies from day to day, thus, therefore, the prices of aluminum sheet/coil also varies day to day. 

 2. Dlivery Freight

Delivery is an important part in sale. The distance of destination, amount of goods and other factors can infect the final delivery fee. Thus, prices of aluminum sheet can also be infected.Meanwhile,the delivery freight is not fixed also.

3. Processing Fee

Prices of aluminum sheet are different if the alloy number is different. Even in the same series number, products with different tempers and specifications have different prices. Besides, even the same products may have different prices in different manufacturers. This has something to do with the production capacity, product quality as well as other fees.

Besides, other factors can also cause the difference of prices like exchange rate .

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