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Haomei Industrial Tell You The Aluminum Price Calculation

2017-08-17 11:52:21

First, for example from Haomei Industrial. 

The length is 1200mm,width is 60mm, thickness is 8mm,500 pieces aluminum sheet price for example, we can calculate the weight of the products is: 0.08 * 0.6 * 1.2 * 1.2 * * 500 = 2.71 tons. 

If the price of aluminium ingot price is 10000 on the day, aluminum factory for the processing of the alloy is 5000 per ton, so aluminum manufacturers offer to you is (10000 + 5000) * 7.8 = 117000 = 117000. 


To know the price of aluminum plate calculation, the first thing is to understand the classification and technology of aluminum plate. 

Haomei Industrial tell you from the aluminum process, aluminum plate refers to use aluminum rolling processing of rectangular plate, can be divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, aluminium sheet, thick aluminum plate and aluminum tread plate.

According to the thickness of the corrugated aluminum sheet can be divided into thin aluminum sheet (0.15 -2.0), aluminum sheet (2.0- 6.0 mm), medium aluminum plate (6.0- 25.0 mm), plate (25-200mm), super thick aluminum plate (200mm above). 

Haomei Industrial Tell You The Aluminum Price Calculation : 

1, First to make sure the requirements of aluminum plate size, thickness, width, length, etc. The units are in meters. 

2,The aluminum volume * density (2.71), namely the length * width * thickness * 2.71, figure out what is the weight of each aluminum plate (tons), and then multiplied by the number of aluminum plate, such as 300, 500, the result is the total weight of this batch of aluminum plate. 

3, To know about the current market price of aluminium ingot, this can be from chinalco network or Shanghai non-ferrous web sites such as to check the price changes every day.Contact aluminum processing enterprises for inquiry, consulting relevant models aluminum plate how much is the processing fee per ton, different alloys have different processing, the difference is bigger. 

4, The price of aluminum ingots, plus processing production enterprise of this product, this is the type of aluminum plate the accurate price per ton. 

5 ,The tunnage required products , multiplied by the per ton anodized aluminum sheets prices, is the product of the accurate quotation.

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