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Aluminum Slug Impact Extrusion Tube

2017-09-12 09:11:22

Our aluminium slugs 1070 H16~20 can be customized in shape and size according to requirenents of clients. It has excellent anti-corrosion, attractive appearance, and good flexibility and tractility. It is widely widely used for the manufacturing of aluminum containers or Collapsible Aluminium tubes for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage containers, and many other packaging solutions. 

Specification of aluminum slug impact extrusion tube : 

Grade: Alloy aa 1070 / aa 1055 or equivalent standard 

Temper: 0 to h 12 

Finish: Smooth, vibrated and blasted 

Shape: Round, rectangle, oval 

Range of slugs pierce slugs: 9.8 to 56.8 mm od 

Thickness: 0 up to 10 mm 

Rigid slugs: 9.8 mm to 135 mm 

Process of manufacturing: Raw material, melting, casting, hot rolling, cold rolling (check thickness, grain size, elongation %, surface finish) 

Aluminum alloy slug process: 

1070 Aluminum ingot-->Smelting (This stage starts by loading furnaces F1th ,F2th with 30MT each of raw aluminum (alloy AA1070, purity 99,7%), --> Continuous casting and hot-cold rolling (The melt is poured into the strip casting wheel, which rotates at a speed of 6 meters/min. A strip of 220 mm wide by 20 mm thick is formed -->Cold Lamination/Rolling (which aloud a maximum tolerance 0,05 mm )-->Stamping/Punching (This stage counts with four stamping presses, In this process we get about 50% of slugs for each Ton of punched strip. -->Annealing Treatment(With this we obtain a Brinell hardness of 16 a 21 HB.)-->Surface Finish (Surface treatment is Tumbling and Shot Blasting.--> Final Inspection (QC deptàSelection and Packing (. Once boxes are marked with customers information, Inside ) 

Why Choose for HAOMEI Industrial: 

1. We are 10 Years for manufacture aluminium slug product. 

2. We factory are would like offer price is preferential and low ,To help you company save costing. 

3. All risk of cargos by our account online ,Still to you company have received product as smoothly. 

4. Upon receipt of your purchase price (including shipping ),We will immediately produce for you . But please specify date of delivery 10-15 days. 

5. Payment ,T/T (20% deposit ,Balance when cargos will arrived your desination port) . or L/C

6. Quality: have good reputation for all customer ; IF aluminium product quality in your production-line complaint,We will take fully responsibility. 

7. After-sales service time is : Still you used product finished. 

8. Clearance document ,We are would like favor provide FORM A Issued by China .

Further cooperation freely contact our company augusthaomei-aluminium 

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