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Aluminum plate Antirust Processing

2017-06-16 18:26:33

Aluminum plate antirust processing is a process with thealuminum plate manufacturer ttaches great importance to, reasonable surface rust antirust treatment can ensure aluminum plate surface, effectively protect the quality of aluminum sheet, aluminum antirust treatment process more frequent, which is commonly used for oil processing industry, and there are three kinds of oil processing and handling are quick-drying type, oil film, soft film,Mingtai aluminum introduce the basic situation of three ways for you now.

Aluminum Sheet Antirust Processing

This is one of the greatest advantages of dry very fast, using a pitch and resin treated aluminum plate after using one kind of shell it is very hard, so very durable in harsh environments.

With paraffin oil or heavy oil treatment made, rust resistance are the three strongest presence, and you can use a solvent Qing Xidiao one kind.

This kind of additives using and rust treatment made, its poor rust resistance. Apply oil after aluminum handle very easily. This is a kind of in the mechanical used in the device, subtraction Under their the friction caused by damage to the pair the instrument, reduce maintenance costs of inputs.

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