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Aluminum Coil For Channel Letter In Decoration

2017-08-21 11:47:33

Many aluminum coil for channel letter colors are available for option, like Brushed Silver, Brushed, Gold, Mirror Silver, White, Black and Red

Surface treatment: Powder painting, paint spray and original aluminum silver. 

11 different types and customized, width from 2.3cm-13.8cm 

Thickness: 0.5mm, 0.6mm 

Application of colored aluminum coil : 

Channel Letter. 

Return for Shop signs, store signboard, office logo, company signage, home decoration.

Backs and Returns 

The most important is either mill finished or pre-painted. The difference is found in the thickness of the aluminum. Other finishes include anodized, brushed anodized and mirrored. However, these are rarely used, and typically only used when an architect specifies these finishes.

Advantage to select aluminum coil stock:

Good flexibility, strength, 

Good seal

Good weatherproof 

Good corrosion resistance

Resisting high temperature and climate changing

Not easy to deform and fade (generally color retention for 3-8 years)

Simple handicraft and easy to handle it.  

Reducing make cost. 

The making speed of border is improved by half twice .

Widely used in indoor, outdoor, various letters, anomalous graphics, fixed decoration side for light box, fixed Decoration for traditional light box, illuminated letter 

This trim creates the plastic moldings that add to channel letter signs new dimension to cut-out letters, it form

Fits to any style letter, Gothic, Roman or Script or others. Adheres to plastic and other surfaces, no painting or polishing necessary.

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