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Aluminium slug steel punk slug mod

2017-11-06 09:58:33

Aluminium slug steel punk slug mod 

We will help you choose the most suitable type and size of aluminium slugs, looking forward to have a cooperation with you.We can offer you a full package of commercial and technical services in the production steel punk slug mod and supply of aluminium slugs, cylinders and tubes. The equipment of our production allows produce different sizes of slugs. 

Aluminium slug and discs is a ingot for the production of aluminium tubes, cans and cylinders.Widely used for the manufacturing of containers or collapsible tubes, our aluminum slugs are heat-treated and soft annealed, with tumbled or sandblasted surfaces. Standard usage in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in the construction of beverage containers, etc. 

Applications for Aluminium slugs 

Aluminium Tubes 

for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, household products/technology and toothpaste Aerosols 

for deodorants, perfume and cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceuticals, foods and household products 

Technical extrusion for steel punk slug mod 

such as parts for filters, petrol pump housings, pressurised containers, cartridges, impellers, push-fit connections, bottles, tins, bushes, sleeve nuts, sensors.  

Metal slug production 

The slug produced obtained are 99.7% pure therefore optimal properties and qualities and ensured

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