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Aluminium Foil Sheet Quality Control And Requirements

2017-09-10 11:40:02

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Aluminium foil sheet Quality requirements are as follows: 

1, two co-roll of aluminum foil thickness should be uniform, thickness deviation of not more than ± 3%. 

2, co-rolled before the double-sided uniform spray on the double oil, coiling each side after cutting 10-15 mm. Such as double-joint spray uneven, rolling will produce color dark side. Coil cutting edge is to cut the edge of the gap, while ensuring that the two double-rolled aluminum foil width consistent. 

3, co-roll can not have wrinkles, discount phenomenon, the aluminum foil on a separate roll. Two foil tension as consistent as possible, tension is generally 10-20MPa, to avoid a loose, a tension, the presence of these defects, Easily lead to rolling broken belt. 

4,should be no RIPS, burr, included side cutting edges. 

5, to separate requirements end face and tidy, no breakthrough volume of the aluminum foil layer, coiling tension control is reasonable. Avoid loose volume or the "edge".

6, in volume two aluminum sad its original state to close.If you want to restore middle annealing, should in receives after annealing.Otherwise receives when rolling, due to the original state, rolling uneven deformation, easy to cause broken belt.

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