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8011 Aluminum sheet for bottle cap material should be how to choose and buy

2017-06-08 15:26:35

8011 Aluminum sheet for Aluminum cap is more and more widely used, and the aluminum cap material should be how to choose and buy has become a big problem, many customers in the previous article we analyzed the caps for you use aluminum market prospect, the combination of ming-tai aluminum company with a number of cooperation experience to explain how to choose and buy the aluminum cap.  Aluminum bottle cap material should be how to choose and buy    Aluminum cap material is mainly used for alcohol, food and beverage, cosmetics packaging, to say the aluminum bottle cap material use and people eat, associated with, the product quality requirement is very high, so choose high quality manufacturer of premium cap material is the necessity of industry. Aluminum bottle cap material mainly use 1, 8, 3 XXX XXX XXX series aluminum alloy plate, although many factory can produce these products but very little truly safe quality products. So how to choose and buy the aluminium cap material, Ming tai according to oneself circumstance analysis for everyone.  1, watch factory strength  Manufacturers strength is the foundation of all the products quality, a large-scale enterprise due to the financial strength, research and development team, qc team have very big advantage, late in the product quality and service are more secure, and is not a small plant products is not good, but overall corporate product quality must be due to small businesses, Ming tai as domestic and international aluminum processing industry leader, in the pursuit of product quality almost reach the level of demanding, the production of aluminum cap material, of course, more recognized by the market.  2, aluminum cap material state of the art  Because aluminum bottle cap material use is special, so particularly high to the requirement of processing technology, Ming tai built international leading "1 + 4" strip production line, can achieve 450000 tons a year the super-high-yield, this kind of industry leading technology quality more secure. Ming-tai aluminum also can satisfy clients demand for each processing, suitable for color printing, products are widely used for various purposes, safety and quality.  3, aluminum cap material product testing  Aluminum bottle cap material product testing is A very important link, the customer to the supplier is products must be detailed inspection, such as ming-tai aluminum aluminum cap material are superior in quality assurance product version to level off, the geometry size precision, surface gloss, high alkaline cleaning effect is good, at the same time can reach grade A brush water experiments. Aluminium flat end face with, no parabolic grain, collapse, grain and other defects.


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