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5052 3004 Aluminium Coil For Shutter

2017-09-08 09:57:21

Aluminium shutter materials Used 90% Aluminium, with some Plastics for the slat end inserts, at each alternate end of the slats, Rubber rings on the Aluminium axle to protect the curtain as it winds around the axle, and Spring Steels Straps that connect the curtain to the axle, slat insulating foam 'Green Friendly' polyurethane foam that is both CFC (Chloroflurocarbon) and HCFC (Hydrochloroflurocarbon) free. all other parts are Aluminium, except for the motor drive system. 


Technical Specifications of 5052 3004 aluminium coil for shutter:. 

Curtain Weight 4.0kg/m2 (AR4OO Series). 

Size Range Width 4OOmm to 3600mm. (Single Span) 

Size Range Height 6OOmm to 3000mm. (Standard Range) 

Maximum Size 7.7m2








 aluminium shutter






 any color

Aluminium louver size is 89mm. Special powder coating colours are available upon request. Aluminium shutters are more suitable for outdoor areas in the tough sun. The aluminium sections are incredibly strong, with a crisp appearance, straight and unaffected by moisture and impervious to insect attack. 

The Aluminium Shutters come in 4 standard wraps. 

Golden Oak - Light Cedar - Limewash - Walnut. 

Eventually, when the aluminium window products have reached the end of their economic life, they can be successfully recycled. Overall, Aluminium Shutters make for ideal external coverings that are equally suited to modern interiors. They are not designed or recommended for security or cyclonic purposes. 

HAOMEI industrial warm prompt: Shutters that exceed 7.7 square meters require a centre mullion, eg. 3600mm x 2135mm or 7.7m2, or use the Commercial which can span 11.8 square meters. 

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