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R&D Aluminum Processing Method

2019-06-13 10:20:53

When product materials produced by rolling, extruding, forging, and casting are given various treatments, finished products are completed. The aluminum processing techniques mainly include the following methods:

  • Forming (pressing, bending, drawing, etc.)

  • Jointing

  • Machining

  • Cutting

  • Surface Treatment

Aluminum is applicable for various uses since it can be bent easily. As a forming method, a press/dice and a punch are used to punch out aluminum. Plates and extruded structural angles are formed by bending/pure bending, guide-bending, or wind-bending. In this method, the material to be drawn is placed on a dice and then drawn into the hole in the dice by using a punch.


Jointing is indispensable work for manufacturing highly safe structures having a complicated shape. Jointing is achieved by one of the following four methods: welding, brazing, mechanical jointing, and bonding.


Main jointing methods


Widely used for aluminum welding is arc welding, which provides welding by generating arc between the material and the electrode. Arc welding is available in two types: TIG welding and MIG welding.


An alloy that has a lower melting point than that of the materials to be jointed to each other is melted between the two materials to joint them.

Mechanical jointing

Mechanical jointing is achieved by the method of using rivets, bolts and other similar tightening materials or that of bending a plate to engage the bent parts with each other.


Bond is coated on the jointing surfaces, which are then jointed to each other.

In this method, products are finished with a drill, a turning tool, an end mill, or other tool. A machining center, a milling machine, a lathe, or other machine tool is used.


Products are cut using shears, a disc saw, a band saw, a jigsaw, or other similar machine.

Surface Treatment

The typical surface treatment methods for aluminum include anodic oxide coating, painting, and coloration.

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