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R & D Features of Aluminum

2019-06-13 09:48:21

Light, Strong and Beautiful.jpg

Light, Strong and Beautiful
The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7, approximately one third of the specific gravity of iron (7.8) or that of copper (8.9). Therefore, products made of aluminum are also so light that various benefits are offered.
Because of its large specific tensile strength (strength per unit), aluminum is used as structural materials.
*Specific tensile strength

SteelGeneral copper5.4
CopperHot-rolled material2.7

Aluminum materials can be painted, anodized, or even coated with functional resin film. Such treatment makes it possible to manufacture highly functional products that have beautiful appearance.

High Processability

Because of its easy plastic forming, aluminum can be formed into different shapes. For instance, thin foil and an extruded material having a complicated shape can be manufactured from aluminum.

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Superior Optical and Thermal Reflectance

The aluminum surface well reflects light, heat, radio waves, and others. Aluminum is often used for a reflector of a heating appliance or a lighting fixture.

High Thermal and Electric Conductivities
The thermal conductivity of pure aluminum is 237 W/m.k, approximately 3 times as high as that of iron. The electric conductivity of aluminum is 63%, 2 times as high as that of copper of the same weight.

High-corrosion Resistance
When exposed to air, aluminum forms dense, stable, oxide film, which naturally prevents aluminum from being corroded.
Surface treatment characteristics
Thick, oxide film can be artificially created by the anodic oxide coating treatment called Alumite. This further improves the anti-corrosion effect.

High-corrosion Resistance.jpg

Aluminum is free from magnetization and not affected by a magnetic field. It is therefore used for magnetic compasses and magnetic discs for computers.

High Resistance against Low Temperature
Aluminum is highly resistant against low temperature and maintains superior toughness at very low temperature. It is therefore indispensable for space equipments and LNG tanks in the cryogenic industry.

Easily Recyclable
Aluminum can be recycled as a resource by using 3% of the energy required to newly produce aluminum bare metal, instead of disposing of it as industrial waste. Aluminum is thus eco-friendly metal that contributes to saving the earth resources.

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