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The Main Characteristics And Related Applications Of Color Coated Aluminum Coil

2017-02-18 14:54:29

Color Coated Aluminum Coil;is on the aluminum plate or some aluminum surface colour, we usually see some color characters, such as the golden word, aluminum coil, is the so-called belt after shading treatment. 

 More common color coated aluminum coil has a polyester coated aluminum coil, mainly used lead plastic panels, aluminum ceiling, trim and electronic products, cans and other painted surfaces, and are based on this pre-painted aluminum coil performance well, not easy to corrosion, it is a light color coated aluminum coil is currently the most widely used.

The features ofcolour aluminium coil :

First, smoothness, caitu aluminium plate roll surface after high temperature indentation processing, board face there will be no remaining stress, not prone to deformation after shear;Second, decorative, main is coated on the surface of the wood, stone and other decorative pattern, is very realistic, has a strong sense of physical, natural aesthetic feeling is very good.

Second, decorative, mainly painted wood surfaces, marbled pattern, etc., very realistic, with a strong sense of the physical, natural beauty well.

Application of color coated aluminum checker sheet is very broad, because it has a very rich color, the color can be personalized design, whether in the family or other occasions are the need to use this pre-painted aluminum coil. Color coated aluminum coil superior machinability also become architects and designers were the first to be considered material.

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