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The Different Forms Of Aluminum Coil Products Embodiment

2017-08-29 18:29:20

The different forms of aluminum Coil products embodiment,such as aluminum composite panel,aluminum corrugated panel,honeycomb panel,aluminum solid panel,thermal insulation intergrated panel.

Here Haomei aluminum alloy shees Industrial mainly introduces two aspects of the application. Aluminum composite panel excellent formability, exceptional strength to weight ratio, extreme architectural flatness, and a cost-effective means of achieving design criteria not physically or economically possible with other building façade materials. 

Corrosion resistant aluminum composite panels provide the fundamental design flexibility and long term performance demanded by almost any commercial application. This combination of benefits can enhance your most imaginative project, and help maintain its appearance long after completion. 

Aluminum Corrugated Panels consists of corrugated core with thin aluminum (0.2 - 0.35 mm) between the two sheets of aluminum (0.5 – 0.7 mm). This structure makes it a very light but extremely rigid sandwich panel which, particularly when used in big formats, allows significant savings in weight. Lightweight, non-combustibility, flatness and easy-fabrication methods are its excellent points to apply curtain wall in inner and outside of the buildings. 

Depending on the final application .Aluminum Corrugated Panels can be supplied with different layer thicknesses and surface treatments. By varying the cover sheets, by modifying the height of the core or the surface finish, and by bonding several panels to double and triple panels a broad range of characteristics can be provided. Characteristic of aluminum corrugated panel 


 Excellent mechanical properties 

 Mass production system 

 Long span available 

 Standard color management 

Applications of aluminum corrugated panel 

Building exterior, interior wall covering, ceilings, partitions 

Column covers and soffit and fascia panels 

Signage and white boards 

Furnitures and Tables 

Rounded walling, roofing 

Structure of aluminum corrugated panel 

Skin materials : Aluminum etc. 

Core : Corrugated core 

Skin materials: Aluminum etc. 

Superior quality coil coated architectural finishes provide outstanding color and gloss retention, while serving as seamless transitions between complimentary building facade materials such as glass and concrete.

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