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Prevention 6063 And 6061 Aluminum Sheets Black And Slag

2017-07-30 15:19:45

Haomei Industrial Co., Ltd.have many years of production experience.Here is some suggestion for prevention aluminum sheets black or slag in production process. 

From the production process aspects of control:

1, cut the rod to use clean air blowing rods of dust on the aluminum rod to reduce the into the dust, etc., to reduce drag black, the source of slag;

2, the thickness of pressure to stay enough, too thin pressure will guide the aluminum rod dead zone involved in the profile end, resulting in black, slag;

3, the extrusion speed to be effective control, especially the end to be slowed down to prevent turbulence involved in skin impurities;

4, each production for a period of time to clear the cylinder;

From the aspects of aluminum plate equipment, device to adjust:

1, such as extrusion rod not, squeeze the lever of sports wear and tear of material, can cause bile pot-bellied, deformation defects such as;

2, the center of mold base, up, down, left, right to, it is forbidden to move the mold base for production, up and down in the wrong, to contact the part for repair;

3, the dummy block size to conduct regular inspection and new, for the edge of the extrusion loaves of bread, also can cause drag black, slag, scrap;

4,decorative aluminum sheet is expected to use for a long time, such as heavily deformation, can also cause a batch scrap, the scrap in the production of very much, need attention, new material bravery must remove dirt from the bravery inside and on the tank after polishing to computer installation.

From the mold design, production plans to adjust

1, for the plane die, if necessary, the installation of diversion plate for diversion, doing so to narrow the feed inlet, clamp live dead zone;

2, the material must be fully enclosed bile die diversion hole, the monitor should be installed for each mold a comparison, if the phenomenon of too large diversion holes, not on the machine production, to turn the big machine production;

3, under the production plan, according to the mold of the original open-mode machine (with the diameter of the path can be common) under the plan, do not appear stick production stick machine mold.

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