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Mill Finish Plain Aluminium Alloy Sheet

2017-09-26 18:12:25

Aluminium alloy sheet can apply to Lighting,solar reflective film,building appearance,interior decorating:Ceilings,walls,furniture,cabinets,elevators,signs,nameplates,bags,automotive interior and exterior decoration 

Upholstery:Photo Frame;household appliances:refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc. 

Aerospace and military aspects, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing,the spacecraft series,satellite.the mechanical parts processing,mold making,chemical/thermal insulation pipes coated.

Alloy: 1100,3003,3105,8011,8011A 

Temper: H14,H24,H16,H26,H18 

Thickness(mm): 0.20-0.30 


Length: 500-2000 

Thickness tolerance: ±0.01mm 

Packing: Aluminum Sheets are well packed reels with export standard suitable for long distance sea transportation. 

Tips to buy aluminium alloy sheet : 

Not all metals may be available at all times, but we can most likely order what you need. 

Different colors & gauges / thicknesses may also be available. Please take a look at the gauge and weight chart page or contact us for more information.

If the metal needed is not listed here, please contact us augusthaomei-aluminium as we may be able to place an special order for you.

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