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Matters needing attention aluminium plate in sea transportation

2017-11-16 08:47:36

The first thing to say is the aluminum plate metal sheet packaging. The environment on the ocean is so changeable that the aluminum plate must be tightly sealed and protected. Avoid the case that the aluminum plate is soaked when the container enters the water, or the aluminum plate collides with each other and the extrusion is damaged. Therefore, aluminum plate manufacturers should attach importance to the packaging of aluminum sheets. 

Secondly, the label of aluminum plate should be accurate. In the outer packaging of aluminum plate, it is necessary to paste the label, such as product name, type, quantity, origin and so on, not only convenient to count the quantity, but also convenient to check customs clearance. 

Make sure the shipping schedule. For departure and arrival time should be repeatedly confirmed, and remind customers to declare customs clearance in time.

Determine the host port of call. The port of a country is numerous. When chartering a ship, it is necessary to determine whether it is convenient for the customer to pick up and transport the port in advance.

Determine the vacation of the country. Many countries holidays, such as Christmas in Europe and America, Muslim Ramadan, production activities will be affected, so to prevent ahead of time, reduce the impact.

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