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How To Select Aluminum Strip And Aluminum Coil ?

2017-08-15 09:09:09

Haomei Industrial manufacturers help you to quickly distinguish between aluminum coil and aluminum strip, facilitating the clients to quickly find suitable for their own products. 

Aluminum strip grades are 1050,1060,1070,1100,3003,3004,5005,5052,8011 and so on. O state and H state are commonly used. O means soft state, H means hard state. O and H can be followed by a number of hard and soft degrees, and the degree of annealing.

Aluminum coil can be used in pipe insulation. General chemical plant. Power plant pipe insulation. Select 1060 aluminum roll. Good anti-corrosion effect. Insulation effect of good life of about 10 years. 

Aluminum coil probably can be divided into nine categories:1000 series,2000 series,3000 series,4000 series,5000 series,6000 series,7000 series,8000 series,9000 series.

The main application of aluminum strip: Transformer aluminum foil (transformer aluminum foil), high-frequency welding aluminum hollow aluminum strip, aluminum fin with radiator, cable with aluminum, stamping with aluminum, aluminum strip with aluminum ect.

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