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How To Calculate The Aluminum Circle Price By Aluminum Manufacturers ?

2017-06-18 14:02:46

When we use the aluminum circle, we ever think of is how to calculate the price of aluminum plate?

Aluminum price calculation is very simple, want to calculate the price of aluminum circle first to know a few factors.Which involves the aluminum circle price factors.

1. aluminum ingot price: aluminum ingot manufacturer must first know how much the price, it must be a known quantity Oh, of course, for aluminum pricing this is not to say.

2. The volume of the aluminum plate (quality): After knowing the price of aluminum ingot manufacturers will measure the volume of the aluminum plate, aluminum plate quality can be obtained by calculating the formula;

3. aluminum processing fee: The cost calculated in accordance with the manufacturer of aluminum production costs;

A simple example below:

Such as aluminum body: 1 mm * 1000 mm * 1000 mm, then you can calculate the quality of the aluminum plate is 5.4 KG, if the price is 20000 yuan/ton aluminum ingots, toll fee calculated according to 10 yuan a kilogram, the price of aluminum plate is = 5.4 KG * (20 + 10) = 162 yuan

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