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High Quality Circle Aluminium Surface Treatment

2017-10-12 13:47:24

High quality circle aluminium surface treatment details: 

1, Metal plating method: to compare the common and polishing after plating process. 

2, Oxidation : aluminum surface treatment USES two aspects of oxidation, enhance physical characteristics, can achieve color. 

3, Clean lines: there is called wiredrawing, performance similar to car lines, are all form a smooth continuous lines. 

4, Sandblasting,circle aluminum surface treatment is used to overcome and the purpose of the aluminum alloy cover in the machining process of some defects and meet customer's special requirements for product appearance.Have glass sand. 

5, Polishing. 

6, Car lines 

Haomei Aluminum device is fully automatic integration of aluminium circle plate production equipment, can be directly on the aluminum volume for aluminium circle punching blanking, don't need to shearing and slitting coil.The device according to the width of the coil and aluminium circle diameter automatically select the most suitable way of layout, at the same time of aluminum coil open-book leveling directly for blanking processing production, the utilization rate of raw materials more than 80%, With the current industry mainly adopts single square on the aluminium circle, oblique cut material compared to the way such as the application of this equipment production line has a larger advantage. 

One kinds of advantage, high production efficiency.Using coiled material directly to aluminium circle production.Don't need to do a coil slitting and cut processing, reduced the production process, reduce the production cost, reduced the damage on the surface of the coil may, producing aluminium circles, no pollution, no scratches.

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