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Factory New Technology Corrugated Aluminum Sheet For Roof

2017-09-20 14:15:44

Technical specification of our corrugated aluminum sheet for roof: 

Thickness: +/-0.02mm Width:+/-2mm

Length:We can adjust the length according to your request 

Wave depth:As to requirement 

Surface treatment:Color-Coated & Galvanized 

Color:All RAL color 

Coat:25±5μm on front coating and 7± 2μm on back coating 

Temper of corrugated aluminum sheet for roof: 

1.Full hard 

2mercial quality 

3. Dry, chromate, skin passed, tension level, shining.

Spangle:Regular spangle, minimized spangle and zero spangle 

Tensile Strength:>300mpa 

Yield Strength:370-380mpa 

Application of corrugated aluminum sheet metal:

various roofs or walls referring to the large size factory buildings, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc.

The aluminium roofing sheet is usually classified in a variety of ways according to the site of application, the wave height of the plate, overlapping structure, and material. 

Common classification of the following categories:

(1) at the site of application categories - divided into roof panels, wall panels, floor boards and ceiling panels. Use color steel plate at the same time doing decorative wall panels, architectural decorative effect is novel, unique. 

(2) according to the wave of high classification - divided into high-wave plate (wave height ≥ 70mm), medium-wave plate with low-wave plate (wave height <30mm) 

(3) divided into hot galvanized substrate, thermal galvalume substrate material classification - and hot dip galvanized aluminum panels.

(4) slab constructed categories - divided into lap, to undercut and withhold structure. Undercut withheld in the high wave plate is appropriate for higher water requirements roof panels; lap in the high wave plate galvanized sheet cover with a floor; lap low wave plate is appropriate for the wall panels. 

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