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Control The Thickness Of Aluminum Foil

2017-09-28 10:46:24

Control of the thickness of the aluminum foil in less than 3%, need to use a number of conditions to ensure: the use of qualified thickness of the aluminum foil blank; rolling adjustment, control the amount of pressure and roll, and roll the parameters of grinding; System process; rolling process in the measurement of aluminum box thickness, so as not to side thick system failure is not found and so on.

With thinner thickness of aluminum foil, all can affect its trace conditions, such as temperature, concentration of oil film, oil and gas, etc.A roll of up to hundreds of thousands of meters of rolling aluminum foil, rolling time for around 10 h, extend the thickness error is easy to form over time. 

While the only means of adjusting the thickness of aluminum foil tension and speed. These factors have caused the thickness control of aluminum foil rolling difficult.

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