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Aluminum Plates Production And Application Status In Aviation Development

2017-07-12 09:48:56

Aluminum as a "young metal" is widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, nuclear industry, high-speed trains and other fields, where the aluminum plates used in the aviation sector in particular, is widely known as "a hundred years of aviation, a hundred years of aluminum alloy." As one of the main body material of the aircraft has a very important role in aviation manufacturing. 


The rapid development of aviation aluminum

Article 2011, the first with the national large aircraft and other ancillary projects completed and put into production of aluminum alloy thick plate production line, make our country after the United States, Japan, Germany and Russia, and one can achieve large-scale production of aluminum alloy thick plate.

This production line put into operation, the realization of the generations of workers' aluminium plate manufacturer processing industry, to further enhance the level of the overall development of China's aluminum industry, promote China's national defense construction and aviation industry in urgent need of aluminum alloy material support capability, boost the construction of large aircraft and has very important significance.

Heavy plate production line put into just the first step in the development of aviation aluminum. Aluminum production and constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation and building, breaking a number of key technologies, the key to solve a series of major technical problems, the development of a large number of market need, on behalf of domestic and international advanced level, to fill gaps in the new products and new technologies, the formation of a a series of independent intellectual property rights and technological achievements for China's aerospace, defense industry and key state construction projects to provide high-quality aluminum.

In recent years, China's aviation aluminum enterprises to continuously strengthen international exchanges to explore, with Boeing, Airbus, Safran company, Bombardier and other well-known aerospace manufacturers cooperate to further improve the level of aviation aluminum.

Air products are usually exist orders less variety, quantity, production batch of hard times, the product,where buy aluminum plate such as low yield and poor stability problem, seriously affected the enthusiasm of customers to use domestic aviation materials.In order to promote the support capability of aviation in urgent need of aluminum alloy material, ahead in the field of aviation, it must build a technology independent innovation system of material and equipment system, targeted to solve difficult problems of materials research and development, further enhance the level of research and development of new materials.

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