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Aluminum Foil Used In Our Daily Life

2017-06-20 15:09:22

Now, in our daily life common packaging generally have cartons, plastic bags, woven bags, aluminum foil flexible packaging, etc., in so many packaging, aluminum foil have features make it more and more widely used in the packaging area, gradually become the shining star of packaging industry.

Aluminum foil is the use of 99.0% -99.7% purity aluminum, after several rolling in the system, this soft metal film, not only moisture-proof, airtight, blackout, but also for preserving flavor, non-toxic and tasteless, and other advantages, the advantage is available any other packaging material can match. This is the practical side of aluminum foil, which is reflected in its gorgeous side has an elegant silver-white luster, it can give full play to the imagination, in the above print out different characteristics, colorful beautiful designs and patterns.

The 3m 425 aluminum foil tape with shiny metal luster, adornment sex is strong;Non-toxic, tasteless, odourless.Is relatively light weight, only one-third of iron, copper and so on, rich extensibility, thin thickness, weight per unit area small;Shading sex good, reflective rate can reach 95%, and so on merits, that it is very p

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