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Aluminum Alloy Sheet 5052 Price

2017-09-02 13:11:55

5052 aluminum alloy sheet according to the different specifications, the thickness . The current market price is about 17-20 per kg, the price of the day by the raw material aluminum ingot market, if you want to know about present price or consult other specification please contact our company august Haomei-aluminium Aluminum alloy sheet 5052 mainly used for low-load parts that require high plasticity and good weldability, working in liquid or gaseous media such as mail boxes, petrol or lubricating oil ducts, various liquid containers and other small load parts made with deep drawing: wire Used to make rivets. 

Mechanical properties: 

Tensile strength (sigma b) : 170 ~ 305 MPa conditions to yield strength of sigma (MPa) 0.2 65 or higher elastic modulus (E) : 69.3 ~ 70.7 Gpa annealing temperature is: 345 ℃. 

The surface quality : 

1, the surface are not allowed to have a crack, corrosion spots and nitrate.

2, is allowed on the surface depth is less than 8% of the nominal size peeling defect part wall thickness, air bubbles, surface coarse and local mechanical damage, but the defect depth of no more than 0.5 mm, defect sheet with a total area of no more than 5% of the total area.

3, allow the supplier along the longitudinal profiles polishing to the surface is smooth.

4, other requirements: you have the demand side and the supplier. 


Aluminum 1060 sheet strength of 110-130, while the 5052 series of tensile strength is reached between the 210-230, that is 5052 hardness of 1060 higher than the hardness of 100%. Elongation: 1060 series of the elongation of 5%, while the 5052 series of elongation of 12-20%, it can also be said that in the 5052 series than 1060 100% hard case, the elongation also increased by 200 %about. Chemical properties: 1060 for the aluminum plate, 5052 for the aluminum alloy, under special circumstances 5052 h32 aluminum sheet better corrosion resistance.

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