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Aluminium printing sheet/aluminum sheet for bottle caps

2017-11-11 18:37:32

Aluminium printing sheets are really popular for use as exterior signs. Fixed to walls or doors they make for excellent directional or informative signage solutions. We can cut to any size, to a maximum of 10ft x 4ft in one piece - bigger panels will be in more than one piece. Aluminium composite panels are easy to fix with screws and the material is easy to drill as the aluminium is quite soft when compared to steel. Anodized aluminium plates with porous surface finishes and decorative surface textures. A protective coating applied to the material guarantees a one-year shelf life.

We are also into manufacturing of multicolour aluminum sheet for bottle caps and tin sheets with the complete product development cycle such as Designing, Plate making, and Printing. These aluminium printed sheets and tin sheets are extremely stylish and durable, which guarantee a longer life and presentation for your product display. 

Our Aluminum sheet 1060 is rolled to very fine tolerances to yield more closure per tonne of stock and to allow uninterrupted operation of high-speed, multiple-cavity presses. Its strength, high formability, low Earring and printable surfaces make it ideal for pilfer-proof caps and vial seals. 

Application of ,a href="haomei-aluminium/en/Product/1060_aluminium.html">1060 aluminium sheet : POP Can Bottle and Cap, Building Material , Insulation, Shoes &Tents Eyes,Corner Beads,Automotive Industrial, , Deep-Proceeding Case,light industry, TV back board,Street Sign, PP caps, Cell mask and so on. 

At present, the majority of Chinese liquor, wine, wine and drinks are still mainly glass bottles, so many bottle caps are made of aluminum. According to experts, China's anti-theft bottle cap (Aluminium Ropp Cap ) will be 10% annual rate of growth, is expected in 2010 about 15 billion anti-theft caps, aluminum plate sheets need to consume about 53 thousand and 500 to 60 thousand tons.

Pilfer Proof Aluminum Caps 

Aluminium anti-theft caps using sophisticated processing high quality special Aluminum Alloy cap sheet, mainly used for wine and beverage (including steam and steam) and medical health care products packaging, and can satisfy the high temperature sterilization and other special requirements.

Aluminum caps are mostly machined in highly automated production lines, so the requirements for Aluminum Alloy cap sheet material strength, elongation, and dimensional deviations are stringent, otherwise they will break or fold during processing. In order to ensure the bottle cap after forming convenient printing, flat surface, no requirement of cap material roll marks, scratches and stains, the alloy condition of 8011-H14 Aluminum Alloy cap sheet, 3003-H16 Aluminum Alloy cap sheet, general specification of material thickness of 0.20mm ~ 0.23mm, width of 449mm ~ 796mm. The production of Aluminum Alloy cap sheet can be made by hot rolling blank or continuous casting and rolling blank, which is made by cold rolling. At present, China's anti-theft cover material production plant is mostly used for continuous casting and rolling billet, which is superior to the casting billet.  

We are a Chinese leading aluminum product manufacturer.The products we manufacturing include Pharmaceutical foil,packaging aluminium foil,Aluminum foil, aluminum plates,aluminum bars, aluminum plates and aluminum strips. Product quality was perfectly guaranteed by our long-term experience in this line.

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