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8011 3m 425 industrial aluminum foil plate

2017-08-11 12:50:59

Product description of 8011 3m 425 industrial aluminum foil plate : 

(1) its surface is very clean and smooth, 

(2)it don’t have the bright speck, corrosion, oil, slotted, and so on 

(3) its end is very smooth, don’t have heavy burr, split, arrows, turriform, knock, and so on 

(4) pinholes≤500/m2 

(5) when annealing, it don’t have adhesion and break down

Product features of 8011 3m 425 industrial aluminum foil plate : 1.Heat insulation

The maximum R- value is 3.64 (two layers of bubble film, the bubble is 9mm high). The highest reflection of radiation is 97%

2. Fire-proof and flame-proof

Fire-proof reaches to Level, do not support combustion, professional fire-proof structure. 

3,Strong Texture

High surface tensile strength, tensile resistant, tear resistant and anti-puncture. 

4. Anti-corrosion and scraping

Laminating surface is endurable to cracks, acid and alkali, scraping. 

5.Noise proof

NRC reaches to 55% . 

6. Easy to install

The installer need not to wearing mask and gloves and can operate in rainy days. 

7. Light and thin material

Save transporting cost and energy. 

8. Mothproof and ratproof

Prevent the nidification of rat and the eating of moth to guarantee the effect of thermal insulation. 

9. Moisture proof and anti-mildew

Moisture-proof to avoid the rotten phenomenon happening on asbestos and other similar products.

10. Health and environment-friendly

Non-toxic, no formaldehyde, no asbestos, no fiber and eco-friendly.

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