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1000 Series Aluminium Alloy Sheet
The 1000 series aluminium alloy sheet with a minimum 99% aluminium content who can represents the purest of all commercial aluminium alloys. 
Aluminum sheet 1000 series :1050/1060/1070/1080/1085/1100/1200 Temper:O, H14, H16, H24, H22, H26 

Excellent elongation and tensile strength can satisfy general industry demands. The thickness of 1000 series aluminum sheet varies from 0.02mm to 4.5mm, and the max width is 1,7000mm. 

1000 series aluminium alloy sheet has high plasticity good resistance to correction, conductivity as well as thermal conductivity. However, 1000 series aluminum sheet has low strength and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment.  

1000 series aluminium alloy sheet can be made into many products, such as cosmetic cap stock, bottle cap stock, aluminum checker plate, mirror sheet (bright finish aluminum sheet), shells of electronic appliance, etc. 

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